Scientists have created artificial Martian soil and sell it for $ 20

Science news today 01.10.2018 Physics from the University of Central Florida created the red soil, which simulates the soil of Mars. Its creation is designed to give researchers a useful approximation to the actual rock from Mars, for example, for testing of crops or test endurance of equipment for future missions. The cost of a kilogram of this pseudonarcissus soil – $ 20.

Ученые создали искусственный марсианский грунт и продают его по 20 долларов

Space center NASA Kennedy already offers everyone to buy a simulated Martian soil. Dan Britt (Dan Britt), a researcher from the Planetary Sciences Group of the University of Central Florida, noted that the development be allowed to check out any tools and resources on survival in the soil of the red planet.

Artificial Martian soil is modelled on iron rich volcanic soil, it also includes clay, sand and salty mud.

The results were published in the journal Icarus.


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