Scientists have created the first artificial life form that can reproduce itself

They succeeded in the course of the revolutionary experiment that combines research in artificial life (that is, the playback living behavior in artificial systems and quantum computing, which changes the perception of how information is processed.

Вчені створили першу штучну форму життя, яка може відтворювати сама себе

Spanish scientist Lucas Lamata and his colleagues from the University of the Basque Country have developed an algorithm based on their theoretical work, from 2015, reports UNIAN. In those days, the team wanted to find out how small can be the system to carry out self – action, inherent only to living organisms.

“It must be something at the microscopic level, as in the case of DNA molecules, or it can be a system of several atoms with quantum characteristics?” said Lamata.

Three years ago, scientists came to the conclusion, in fact the system can exist on a quantum level. So they decided to create a computer algorithm that will be able to check their calculations and to perform all actions. In the experiment, we used the cloud-based IBM computer ibmqx4.

“We wanted to know, unusual behavior of microscopic biological systems can be played on the microscopic quantum level. In this study, we found that a very tiny quantum devices with multiple qubits can already emulate self-reproduction, combining standard biological characteristics such as genotype and phenotype, with genuine quantum properties, such as plexus and superposition,” said the Spanish scientist.

The team created the game model the minimum quantum systems that can reproduce biological behavior, such as self-reproduction. Scientists and then implemented it on the IBM computer. In the model of one qubit represented genetic information, i.e., genotype, and other interactions with the environment. The experiment showed that the system was able to create his own kind, and quantum properties proved to be critical for the complete transfer of quantum information to the next generation.

“This is a very diverse field that can give a wide range of applications in science and technology. What we have done is added the quantum ingredient, namely embodied the minimum of the quantum system with the ability to repeat the behavior of self-reproduction: the minimum quantum version of life, connected with the processes of mutagenesis and interaction that could start Darvinsky quantum evolution,” explained the Spanish scientist.


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