Scientists have discovered a previously unknown species of dinosaur

Ученые обнаружили ранее неизвестный вид динозавра

A group of scientists led by paleontologist Andrew MacDonald from the Western scientific center in the USA reported the discovery of a previously unknown ancient representative of the family tyrannosaurids. This writes

Dynamoterror dynastes, as it was called by scholars, is a relative of the famous Hollywood blockbusters of the t Rex, but lived on our planet long before the advent of the “king of dinosaurs”.

Fossilized specimens of a new species, experts found in the American state of new Mexico. They explored the geological formations of the Cretaceous period, which was previously part of the ancient continent Laramidia. According to MacDonald, after seeing a few bones and skull fragments, he and his colleagues immediately realized that in front of them the remains of a theropod. But what paleontologists from was not identified.

Explain that the theropod is one of the suborders of bipedal dinosaurs, most of which were predators. The most famous of these today is the Tyrannosaurus rex lived on Earth 68-66 million years ago. But the remains of the more ancient members of the family tyrannosaurids scientists are extremely rare. That’s why the bone fragments D. dynastes so valuable, says McDonald.

In the course of the work his team proved that the found remains belong to a dinosaur of unknown species that roamed Laramidia, more than 80 million years ago.


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