scientists have discovered anomalous space objects near the Earth

ученые обнаружили аномальный космический объект рядом с Землей

Space object SS 433с high degree of brightness, is located in the milky Way.

Astrophysicists said that near the Earth discovered anomalous micro-quasar with a black hole which emits gamma photons with energy of 25 TeV. The study is close enough to the Earth object will make step in the study of large quasars. Quasars are called active galactic nuclei with supermassive black holes, absorbing the space around.

Micro-quasar SS 433, in turn, consists of a black hole and a supergiant, and is located inside the remains of a supernova W50. It is known that the object is at a distance 15 thousand light years from our planet.

However, still SS 433 is different from other similar objects because when the accretion of matter that is fixed by the excess of the Eddington limit in the inability of gravitational forces to compensate for the pressure of electromagnetic radiation, and therefore recorded a powerful x-ray flash. The luminosity of an object under these conditions is quite high – 104 erg/sec.

The observation of jets of plasma has allowed scientists to find out what accelerated to relativistic speeds the electrons with photons of the microwave background is a source of gamma radiation.

This study will help scientists in the study of large quasars, and to understand their nature of origin. The presence of micro-quasars, relatively close to Earth, according to scientists, nothing to fear, although ufologists see them as a direct threat, considering that in a few decades they can absorb the planet and even see the evil intent of extraterrestrial civilizations with Nibiru.



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