Scientists have found a surprising anomalous zone off the coast of Alaska

Ученые обнаружили удивительную аномальную зону у берегов Аляски

Scientists have registered in the North-Eastern Pacific re-emergence of the region of anomalously warm water, which was called “BLOB”. As reports the Internet-the edition the continuation of this abnormal structure can lead to anomalous weather events in Alaska and other US States.

First “BLOB” was seen in 2013 and continued to expand in 2014-2015. Researchers connect its appearance with the drought in California and record high temperatures in Seattle. The BLOB maintains high pressure over the West coast of the United States, and also contributes to the stormy and cold weather conditions over the Eastern seaboard and southern United States.

The researchers suggest that the cause of these anomalous zones is unusually high for the autumn months the temperature over Alaska. However, scientists are not sure you do is education, or stronger. If the “BLOB” will last until winter, he will become a cause of abnormal weather phenomena.


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