Scientists have found a way to stop breast cancer

Ученые нашли способ останавливать рак груди

Scientists from China have made a discovery that could help millions of women in the fight against breast cancer.

The development of breast cancer can be stopped with hormonal therapy. As is known, the receptors of cancer cells is highly sensitive to progesterone, estrogen, and epidermal growth factor 2. But in the case of basal breast cancer, these receptors do not exist, according to the publication Medical News Today. Therefore, existing drugs do not help.

Scientists from Zhejiang medical University examined tissue samples taken from 5 thousand people with breast cancer. They were able to establish that patients with basal cancer, elevated levels of the enzyme UGT8. This compound is involved in the synthesis of sulfatide – lipid, which is necessary for the functioning of cancer cells.

Experts have worked on cancer cells of zoledronic acid, which is used in the treatment of osteoporosis. This drug inhibits the enzyme UGT8. As a result of the use of zoledronic acid concentration sulfatide in cancer cells decreased significantly, and most importantly – killer cells no longer spread through the human body.


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