Scientists have found on Earth signs of the ancient destructive disaster

Ученые нашли на Земле признаки древней разрушительной катастрофы

Scientists working at the British geological survey, together with their colleagues from the University of Dundee, Scotland, found traces of a giant wave that collapsed on the Shetland Islands about a thousand years ago. They also suggest that such a disaster might happen on our planet more often than once in a hundred thousand years, said Moreover, according to them, this wave can not be connected with the glacial period.

Up to this point geologists were aware of only one series of tsunamis that took place in ancient times. It was caused by this event, as Storegga. I should explain that, Storegga – landslide that occurred under some level of water in the territory of what is now Norway. It is assumed that this catastrophic event occurred about eight thousand years ago.

As a result of new research scientists found that deposits of sand were formed almost immediately. This was a result of the lightning waves, which was discussed earlier. It turns out that all-destroying element appeared almost out of nowhere. Geologists are of the opinion that it was caused by instability of the earth’s rocks, which were formed during the ice age.


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