Scientists have found that the biggest obstacle to weight loss

Науковці встановили, що найбільше заважає схудненню

The enemy of any diet

Scientists from the University of Philadelphia found that the results of any diet plan is reduced to zero due to the consumption of alcohol.

During the study, experts analyzed data from 4,000 people who were trying to lose weight. Thus, the scientists found that even small “failures” in abstinence from alcohol can completely reverse the result from the diet.

Науковці встановили, що найбільше заважає схудненню

Alcohol nullifies any diet

In addition, according to the survey, any diet suggested by the dietician that can effectively help in the fight against obesity. However, the most important rule in any of them – a complete rejection of alcohol.

Scientists also clarify that for short-term weight loss alcohol plays a minimal role. But long-term consumption of alcoholic beverages is detrimental to the shape and possibilities of its recovery.


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