Scientists have made an incredible discovery about the death of the Universe

Вчені зробили неймовірне відкриття про смерть Всесвіту

The universe will last much longer than previously thought.

In Japan, scientists at the University of Tokyo and National astronomical Observatory, made a prediction about when there will come death of the Universe. The calculations helped them observing 10 million galaxies in the visible Universe through a powerful telescope in Hawaii, writes the with reference for Today.

They obtained data compared with the rules of gravity, the behavior of dark matter in space, the laws of thermodynamics and the big Bang Theory. Despite the fact that they are not the first who did such calculations, scientists can more accurately predict the time of the death of the Universe.

Judging by their results, the universe will live much longer than previously thought. The results showed that the end of the Universe will come not earlier than 140 billion years. Recall that the age of the universe is only of 13.79 billion years.

As noted by Professor Take Hikage, he and his team plan to continue to study other galaxies to get even more precise time of the termination of existence of the Universe.


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