Scientists have successfully tested a cure for alcoholism

Ученые успешно протестировали лекарство от алкоголизма

Biologists from the University of Texas tested the world’s first drug for alcoholism – JVW-1034.

As scholars have noted, alcoholism is not developing due to the fact that a person has a weak will, as a result of mutations in genes that are responsible for the processing of ethanol. In addition, these genes are responsible for the parts of the brain associated with pleasure, self-control and impulsive behavior.

The scientists obtained a substance which has been tested on earthworms and rats, affects the chain of neurons, preventing further mutation.

Also, the drug eliminates the symptoms of a hangover. Alcoholism-prone rats, which have been a proven remedy, completely abandoned the use of a ten percent solution of alcohol, preferring it to clean water.

That is, a small dose of medication delivered rodents for alcohol dependence and reduced the share of consumption of alcohol by 30% immediately after the start of the reception.

The team is now under the leadership scholar James Sana expects that in the near future they will conduct clinical trials of the drug.

We would add that a scientific paper on this subject published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, reports “Bagnet”.


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