February 1, 2023
Scientists identify global IQ decline: Are we becoming stupid?

Scientists identify global IQ decline: Are we becoming stupid?

Every day, humans have the desire to be more Clever and having a high IQ number in order to do very well, whether at work, in college, or even in elementary and secondary school; There are no limits to dreaming of such an achievement.

However, if we analyze the aspect of education development in Brazil, we will see that during COVID-19 Children and adolescents in general have fallen behind in this matter due to the closure of schools due to the quarantine.

Obviously, being in the comforts of home may make everyone more comfortable during this period. Recently, however, scholars have begun to notice some changes in this subject itself, as well as the effects this has had within society.

For the first time in human history, IQ scores are dropping across the board. In other words, we can say that man – in foul words – has become dumber.

Here, it is important to highlight that the use of this term on the basis of IQ indicators is somewhat inappropriate, because many people Scientists It is believed that IQ is not sufficient to determine a person’s intellectual ability, although it is the most widely used assessment method.

unexpected change

According to the quality of teaching worldwide, the IQ index can go down or up, as teaching and IQ are directly related. The expectation with regard to the index was that, each decade, it would rise by three points or more, which would correspond to the so-called Flynn effect🇧🇷

However, thanks to research and studies by Brown University and Columbia University, a drop in IQ actually occurred for the first time.

In addition, children born during the pandemic were found to have 22 points lower IQ scores, an indicator similar to a seven-decade period of gains so far.

What led to the low IQ?

Scientists already imagined that there could be a decrease in the IQ index of the world’s population, but the decrease that was recorded in the epidemic was not expected.

As much as we haven’t yet figured out what led to it, in fact, there are a few hypotheses in the air. The first reason will come from Stress Excessive parenting due to financial hardship.

Another issue would be health From mothers during the pandemic period, because, through isolation, stress has increased, which gives great opportunities to negatively affect the fetus, as well as newborn babies, among other reasons.

However, finally, it should be noted that the IQ indicator is not fixed, and it can change over time.