February 1, 2023

Scientists return to ‘zombie virus’ research

a Global WarmingAlthough it is not widely discussed, like football, it is a problem that affects all of humanity.

One of these problems is the melting of glaciers. In the permafrost, or also called permafrost, which is located in the Arctic, thawing has given rise to many microbes and viruses that have been frozen until now.

Some scientists “give life” to these organisms. Many of them are believed to be over 50,000 years old. Surprisingly, despite the progress of these organisms, they can still infect humans with the same severity as other animals.

The specialists responsible for the studies claim that the viruses released by global warming have the potential to cause serious damage in terms of public health.

Microbiologist Jean-Marie Alembeck explains that several efforts are needed to fully understand viral activity.

When it comes to the icy region of our planet, known as the Northern Hemisphere, we must remember that 1/4 is covered with ice and still hides many organisms that have not been studied before.

Alempic states that:

🇧🇷Due to a warming climate, the permanent thawing of permafrost releases organic matter that has been frozen for up to a million years, most of which decomposes into carbon dioxide and methane, adding to the greenhouse effect.”

A potentially dangerous virus

The team’s new study includes 13 new viruses, each thousands of years old and all with special properties.

These amoebae-like viruses are found in several specific places, such as lakes, mammoth wool, and also in the intestines of a wolf. Siberia🇧🇷 Researchers also discovered what was feared most: These viruses are highly contagious to humans.

dissolved bacteria

As mentioned, in addition to dangerous viruses, many types of bacteria are found. But, in Alempic’s opinion, with regard to bacteria, we can be safe, because the development of antibiotics around the world can guarantee us that there are no risks to humanity.

The real concern for the team is viruses.

🇧🇷The situation will be even more catastrophic in the case of plant, animal or human diseases caused by the re-emergence of an old unknown virus.🇧🇷

We were surprised when we learned this Scientists They revived viruses to study them, because this, in the wrong hands or in the wrong places, could harm all of humanity.

However, what the researchers caution is that the first studies only discovered the possibility that many viruses and bacteria could be exposed to light and oxygen, essential ingredients for life.

Therefore, these organisms can infect animals and human beings-It’s just a matter of time.