July 22, 2024

Scientists say Pluto should be considered a planet again

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Scientists say Pluto should be considered a planet again
Scientists say Pluto should be considered a planet again

A group of researchers published a study in which they claimed the state of the planet belongs to Pluto, which was demoted to a dwarf planet in 2006 by the International Astronomical Association (IAU). According to scientists, the criteria used by the International Astronomical Union are “arbitrary”. As for correlation, a star is considered a planet when it orbits a star, has a spherical shape and can be gravitationally dominant. It is precisely on this last point that the International Astronomical Union believes that Pluto will fail.

According to Fox 13 News, the authors of the article urged the association to use more complex criteria that are spread across science to implement planetary classification. “Planet is a medium-sized condenser where physics produces complexity in geology, mineralogy, chemistry, and possibly atmosphere, oceans, magnetospheres, biology, etc., which makes the concept of a planet not a random definition but one of the most common alignments. Important with interpretive vision in all of science” .

The authors of the article also point out that the definition used by the IAU is constantly being questioned by the global community of astronomers. The researchers call the concept “essentially geophysical/geological, not limited to the body’s current orbital position.”

In a note sent to Fox Channels, the IAU said it “respects all scientific advice and welcomes open debate. The scientific decision-making authority of the IAU is the General Assembly, which meets every three years. Proposed decisions must be submitted to the Resolutions Committee.” Also according to the IAU, we welcome any request for a review of concepts, even if the results of this study have not been analyzed by other scholars.

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