November 28, 2022
Scientists say the world is spinning faster

Scientists say the world is spinning faster

In 2020, at least 28 days of the year finished 1.48ms faster. It is common to say that Time passes quickly Sometimes, but that feeling has never been so real. This fact was noted among spatial monitoring agencies, where they recorded an acceleration of ground translation, accompanied by a slight displacement.

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This rare event has resulted in an opportunity for a meeting of astrophysicists next week in Singapore. Among the guest researchers are Leonid Zotov, Christian Besward and Nikolai Sidorenkov. The meeting of this interdisciplinary group from different institutes, aims to discuss the phenomenon that has become common and its implications.

The Chandler wobble is the basis for trying to explain the phenomenon in which the Earth is spinning faster and faster.

All three seek explanations in Chandler’s theory of oscillation, which depicts this progressive movement of the planet. The main answer lies in tilting the axis, which has turned, and changing the speed with which the Earth rotates. However, the research continues, because from 2020 onwards, physicists have observed an asymmetry associated with the new formations.

Hypotheses come from different groups interested in the topic, but the data are recent and the necessity to obtain a diagnosis considers this dialogue. In terms of people, what will suffer the most impact in the future will be the global positioning system, better known as GPS, which requires updates to ensure that the processing platforms run in real time.