Scientists told about an unusual decrease sexual desire

In the new study, British scientists have found another unusual reason why can suddenly abyss of sexual desire. Experts say that this problem can affect both men and women.

Ученые рассказали о необычной причине снижения сексуального желания

The study’s lead author Dr. David Lee of Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK found an Association between urinary incontinence and sexual desire. “Our results indicate a strong relationship between urinary incontinence and sexual health. The problem of incontinence greatly reduces sexual desire and the quality of the intimate life”, – said the scientist.

The study involved 3805, of which 20 percent women and 7 percent of men reported urinary incontinence in the last 12 months. Men with this problem told about decrease of sexual desire and problems with erectile function, and women have lost sexual arousal to the sexual partner.

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