November 29, 2022
Jose e Candoca Mar do Sertao

Sea Sertao: Jose reveals the truth to Kanduka

This Monday, October 3, in the TV series “Mar do Sertão”, on TV Globo, Kandoka (Isadora CruzJose is suspectedSergio Guise) and Marwan (Pedro Lamin) You have some contact. She will put her ex-fiancé on the wall and he will end up revealing that Marwan is rich.” Marwan is his first name. He is my friend, my partner. And it is correct to say that I am his partner, he is the heir to everything. This is the truth,” he will say.

“Why is your friend hiding his true identity?” Kandoka asks.

“He is in love…Labiba! Marwan is one of the richest men in the world, and he has the heart of a child. Discover love in Labiba,” says Jose.

Find out what else is happening in today’s class:

Paje does not accept Tertulinho’s proposal. Timbó threatens Tomás, and Rosenha takes her father away. Xaviera dumps Vanclei. Kanduka surprised Jose by dancing with Marwan. Savio catches the prince as he looks out of Labiba’s window. Jose reveals the truth about Marouane to Kanduka, who decides to tell Labiba. Rosinha talks about Tomás to Tereza. Sera films Kandoka talking to Marwan and decides to reveal the truth in her vlog. Kandoka sees Tertolino leaving Vespertino’s house and is worried. Marwan argues with Diodora. Lorena shows Sera’s main address to Kandoka.

Mar do Sertão is a novel by João Emanuel Carneiro with general direction and written by Pedro Brinelli. It premiered on August 22, 2022, replacing “Beyond Illusion”, introducing Isadora Cruz, Sérgio Guizé and Renato Góes as protagonists in the new plot at 6 PM.

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