July 25, 2024

Sean Benn urges the United States to oppose Russia

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Sean Benn urges the United States to oppose Russia
Sean Benn urges the United States to oppose Russia

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Actor and director Sean Benn (“Milk”) has called on the United States to intervene in the war while filming a documentary on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to Penn, if the United States does not intervene directly in the diplomatic crisis, it will lose the priority of defending democratic values.

“This is already a brutal mistake, lives are broken and hearts are broken. If he did not give up, I believe Putin would have made a terrible mistake for all humanity. President Zhelensky and the Ukrainian people stand as historical symbols of courage. And policy.” Ukraine is at the forefront of the democratic warmth of dreams. If we allow it to fight alone, our soul of America will be lost, “the actor said in a statement.

US President Joe Biden, who has confronted Russia’s nuclear arsenal, has said US and NATO troops will not enter Ukraine to fight Russian troops, but has provided arms support and resources for the country’s defense.

If the conflict goes beyond the borders of Ukraine, it could start World War III, this time involving several countries with weapons of mass destruction.

Ben has been in Ukraine since last November, working on a documentary on the conflict with Russia for the production company Vice.

He is known for acting on political and humanitarian grounds. In 2010, he formed CORE, a non-profit organization that responds to earthquakes in Haiti. The company grew and began to assist in the fight against Govt-19 during epidemics, sending tests and vaccines across the country.

In recent days, CORE has been working to help those affected by the floods in Petropolis, Brazil, and to rescue refugees fleeing Ukraine.

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