Sébastien Proulx rejects the chiefdom and does not undertake to complete his or her term

Sébastien Proulx écarte la chefferie et ne s'engage pas à compléter son mandat

Sébastien Proulx, this pillar of the Quebec liberal Party (QLP), does not present himself as a leadership candidate, and undertakes not to complete his term.

The politician of 43 years, who is currently working as parliamentary leader of the official opposition, announced his decision Wednesday, in a scrum of press at the national Assembly.

Considering you have already given “not bad” in politics, he said not wanting to participate in the eventual race to the chiefdom, to replace Philippe Couillard.

It should take place somewhere in 2020 or even 2021. “I’ve been quite discreet about this issue. Why? Because I wanted to ask myself and answer the question myself : “do I really want to do that?” The answer to that is no,” he explained.

In the corridors of the parliament, one whispers that members Dominique Anglade, André Fortin and Marwah Rizqy could choose to run for the leadership of the party.

By then, Mr. Proulx has the intention to continue to exercise his role of house leader. However, it does not promise to sit as an mp until 2022.

“It’s been five elections that I do. I have been to the national Assembly in three different mandates. I have served twice as house leader, minister of three departments in no time. I gave not bad. I’ve played many important roles. I have given everything in the mandate of the minister of Education also to try to do the best”, he elaborated, leaving in plain the opportunity to shoot them a line on his political career.

Sébastien Proulx was re-elected in the riding of Jean-Talon on the 1st of October last. It is the only liberal mla elected to the east of the island of Montreal.

The national Assembly is composed of 75 deputies of the Coalition avenir Québec, 29 liberal members of parliament, 10 deputies of the Parti québécois, 10 members of Québec solidaire and an independent member.

The departure of Mr. Proulx would be a hard blow for the LIBERALS, writes the liberal mna Gaétan Barrette. “Sebastian, you see, he has the experience and skills.” But he did understand that such a decision should be taken at home.

“When one goes into politics, it disrupts our family environment and this is not always with cheerfulness of heart that the decision is taken, it is a compromise,” he said.

For its part, the interim leader of the PLQ, Pierre Arcand, said that Mr. Proulx was “important” to him. “It is well in the saddle”, has he supported.

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