Secularism: the PQ asked Legault to convene all party leaders

Laïcité: le PQ demande à Legault de convoquer tous les chefs de parti

SAINTE-AGATHE-DES-MONTS, Qc — The Parti québécois (PQ) reaches out to the government caquiste to resolve the debate on secularism.

It suggests that the prime minister François Legault to summon the leaders of all the political parties represented in the national Assembly at the beginning of the next parliamentary session in February to discuss it.

The proposal was launched on Thursday by the acting leader of the parti québécois Pascal Bérubé, at the end of a two-day meeting of the elected representatives of the PQ in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, in order to prepare the work of parliament.

In the press conference, Mr. Bérubé has said they want to make a suggestion which goes in the direction of the collaboration offered by the government of François Legault.

The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) is committed to submit a draft law on secularism, to prohibit in particular to the representatives of the State in a position of authority to wear religious signs.

However, the debate on secularism has continued for over 10 years now and all the governments that have tried to fix it have broken teeth, either the liberals or the pq members.

Each of the parties has now positions never the twain shall meet and it may be difficult to rally the liberal Party, as well as Québec solidaire, the solution caquiste.

The interim leader of the parti québecois application of “advanced” from them and calling for a support as wide as possible, presenting themselves as an opposition that is working with the government.

“It would be even stronger if we had a consensus of the whole national Assembly. (…) If the prime minister wants to convene all heads of parliamentarians in the beginning of the session to discuss it, I will gladly make myself available.”

Mr. Bérubé has pointed out that there was an asset, in the event of such a meeting, because the position of his party like the CAQ.

The Parti québécois advocates a position consistent with the report Bouchard-Taylor, the prohibition of religious signs for people in a position of authority, but extended to educators in daycares and CPE, and teachers of pre-school, primary and secondary.

However, the PQ intends to defend a vested right for the State employees already in post and the position of the CAQ is not yet perfectly clear on this aspect. Mr. Bérubé is waiting to see the legislative text that will be filed.

“We have a willingness to resolve (this issue) for this to be practical, applicable,” he concluded.

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