December 8, 2022
See Godard's last photos before assisted suicide - 09/25/2022 - Photographer

See Godard’s last photos before assisted suicide – 09/25/2022 – Photographer

Director of Photography and nephew of Jean-Luc Godard, who died earlier this month, Paul Grivas has released unpublished photos of his uncle. With just over 40 seconds long, a video posted on the Vimeo platform shows the movie maker at home smoking a cigar while facing the camera.

The pictures are considered the last record of Godard’s life, which Died, at the age of 91, by assisted suicidea legal supplier in Switzerland, the country where the director lives.

The video was recorded by itself. Godard It is titled “Oh! Revoir”, something like “See again” in French and a pun on “au revoir”, goodbye in the same language.

Without revealing the official cause of the director’s death, as a relative told the French newspaper Liberation, Godard was not ill, but rather, very tired. In 2014, during an interview in Cannes Film FestivalThe director said he would have no problem choosing assisted suicide.

Godard was one of the leaders of the enigmatic New French movement, the movement that created a revolution in cinema. Among his works are “Acossado” and “Uma Mulher É uma Mulher”.