December 9, 2022
See How Much Rs 1 Million Earns in Nubank

See How Much Rs 1 Million Earns in Nubank

Many people dream of getting first million And she has a good income at that value. But there is also the question: where to leave the money so that it can bear fruit in the best way and multiply, is not it ?! And one of the institutions that is always on people’s minds is nubank.

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At the moment, bank income for new deposits is credited only 30 days after the funds remain in the account. This is it bank profitability No longer daily. Anyone who withdraws the amount before the deadline will get proportionate to the available balance – the so-called retroactive income.

Is Nobank Income Worth It?

According to experts, the answer to this question will depend on the intention of each client. That is, if a person is thinking of depositing money and letting it generate returns without making withdrawals, it usually results in 100% CDI. But for those who prefer daily profitability, the service may not be very ideal from the start.

As soon as he announced this change in the profitability of the Nubank account, many people came to compare the service with saving accountwhich rewards investors only on the investment anniversary, which takes place every month.

Find out what the profitability of digital banking looks like when put together with savings. paying off:

  • Nobank Income: It yields 100% of the CDI for amounts deposited into the account that remain longer than 30 days.
  • savings income: It currently yields roughly 70% of the CDI compared to the benchmark interest rate, Selic, at 13.75% per annum.

In other words, Nubank still offers better returns compared to ledger.

But, after all, how much does a million Rls earn in Nubank?

To find out How much does a million Brazilian riyals earn in Nubank, the digital bank itself performed the calculations and fetched the order numbers. Without further ado, the payoff is 8705.70 BRL per month.

Within a five-year period, the value could be R$761,632.91, if no withdrawals were made in the amount. Meanwhile, compared to savings, in the same period the estimated income will be 364 thousand Brazilian reais, a value less than the purple amount.