September 21, 2023
See how not to become a victim

See how not to become a victim

Another kick from the wrong position of Interbank It caused inconvenience and the financial institution needs to announce to the public to alert customers. And the bank published, through its YouTube channel, last Wednesday (27) a video clip that drew the public’s attention to the security of its data.

In the scam in question, criminals contact the customers of the financial institution claiming that they are the central bank. However, according to Inter, all of its call center phones only receive calls.

Banco Inter warns of fake central bank fraud

Internal customers who receive calls or messages on behalf of the bank must be suspicious. In the video titled “Security in Focus – Coup da False Central,” the bank claims that calls from the phone number 3003-4070 claiming to be from Inter are a fraud.

It is important to note that according to the company, Inter phones do not make calls, they only receive them. As shown in the video, there are applications that are able to hide the original number, and this is how criminals pretend to be Banks.

Inter highlights that banking and sensitive data should not be shared publicly.

How to protect yourself

It seems that scammers have more and more resources to carry out their financial crimes. Faced with the situation, institutions are trying to warn their customers of scams by giving advice on how to protect themselves, as well as seeking to invest in the security of their services.

Despite the efforts Banks, it is also necessary for the citizen to be aware of the precautions that can save him from becoming another victim of fraud; paying off:

  • Watch out for unwanted calls. consider this type of connection suspicious;
  • protect your data and not share sensitive data;
  • Be wary of requests for money via social media and digital channels.

Photo: Banco Inter/Reproduction