February 6, 2023

See how the game went

a Manchester United 3-0 win over Nottingham Forest. The match was valid for the round of 17 English championship He played at Old Trafford. Within three minutes, strikers Rashford and Martial scored for the hosts, who pushed their opponents – Gustavo Scarpa’s team – to second place on the table. Fred scored the third goal after a pass from Casemiro.

How was the English language?

  • United reached 29 points And the Spurs, who are fourth with 30 points and have a more contentious game, stick around.
  • a Jungle stopped at 13 points It is the second after the last.


There should be no water. The duel began with the Old Trafford pitch completely wet in the face of the rain. Despite this, the drain worked and the ball rolled normally. The weather improved in the second half.

VAR “Brazilian Style”🇧🇷 In the 40th minute of the opening phase, Nottingham Forest’s goal was scored for almost three minutes. Those responsible for the video first analyzed a possible handball by Yates in the middle of a header for the goal. Afterward, they confirm the infraction, but for another reason: obstruction by Polly.

Gustavo Scarpa did not play. The player can only make his debut for the new club from January and watch the defeat of his teammates on TV.

The first half for the home team

The home team almost opened the scoring in the first moves🇧🇷 Rashford received a cross and tried to clear the defenders who blocked the shot. On the rebound, Malacia finished off and watched goalkeeper Hennessey work out a beautiful defense.

Rashford’s goal remained in the 19th minuteThe striker opened the scoring after a corner kick from Eriksen. almost, United expansion With Martial in a counterattack play.

Forest managed to score, however The bid was reversed by arbitration.

Manchester United players celebrate after scoring against Nottingham Forest

Photo: Phil Noble/Reuters

The second half the goalkeeper shone – and Casemiro

Anthony disappeared in the first half, and had a great opportunity to expand in the 11th minute of the second half, But he stopped at Hennessy.

The Forest goalkeeper has reappeared In a shot by Rashford, who received a beautiful cross from Van de Beek and watched the opponent extend to avoid the third goal.

Bruno Fernandes almost scored from midfield. In the 28th minute, Forest took advantage of a mistake on the ball and initially tried to surprise Hennessey. The ball is out.

good performance for Casemiro During the match it culminated in the dying minutes, when the midfielder dethroned Forest’s counter-attack and helped Fred level the scoreboard.

Brazilians in the field

  • Casemiro And the Anthony They were both debutants at Manchester United, while unique He started the match from the bench and entered the second phase
  • Renan Lodi He was the only Brazilian actor in the showdown besides Junglewhich also has Scarpa in the cast
  • The former Palmeiras midfielder, who is already training with his new team-mates, should start playing normally from next week.

Renan Lodi and Anthony compete for the ball during the Manchester United vs Nottingham Forest match - Phil Noble/Reuters Phil Noble/Reuters

Renan Lodi and Anthony fight for the ball during the Manchester United vs Nottingham Forest match

Photo: Phil Noble/Reuters

A unique target appears in Silent mode.

The viewer who watched the final minutes of the duel on ESPN was dumbfounded. At about the 37th minute, a collision disrupted the station’s audio. The error was corrected just four minutes later, just as Fred was finishing Hennessey’s goal. Paolo Andrade, who narrated the match on the channel, improvised and apologized for the incident.

Game objectives

1 x 0: In a rehearsed move, Eriksen took a low corner kick towards Rashford, who came out from behind defenders before the referee whistle and slotted in Hennessey’s first goal.

2 x 0: Forest tried to go on the attack looking for an equaliser…and was caught off guard. In a counter-attack that started with a Casemiro tackle, Bruno Fernandes turned on Rashford, who brought him into the middle and dispatched Martial. The French scored first.

3 x 0: Brazilian Fred, who joined Eriksen, left him with the valuable help of his compatriot Casemiro, who stopped a counterattack by the opponent and provided assistance to his partner.

data sheet

Manchester United 3×0 Nottingham Forest The seventeenth round of the English Premier League

  • date and time: December 27, 2022, 5:00 PM (Brasilia time)
  • Place: Old Trafford in Manchester
  • to rule: Anthony Taylor
  • Yellow cards: Malacia, Eriksen, and Garnacho (MAN); mangala (not)
  • Objectives: Rashford (Mann), in the 19th minute of the first half; Martial (man), at 22 minutes into the first half; Fred (man), in the 41st minute of the second half
  • Manchester United: from gia; Wan-Bissaka, Varane (Maguire), Shaw and Malacia; Casemiro, Eriksen (Fred) and Bruno Fernandes; Anthony (Van de Beek), Martial (Garnacho) and Rashford (Ilanga). Coach: Eric ten Hag
  • Nottingham Forest: Hennessy. Aurier (Nico Williams), Worrall, Polly and Renan Lodi (Tofolo); Yeats, Freuler and Mangala (Emmanuelle Denis); Brennan Johnson, Oney (Sridge) and Lingard (O’Brien). Coach: Steve Cooper