December 9, 2022
See Orders of Gustavo Lima in America

See Orders of Gustavo Lima in America

The Column of Leodias Follow along Gustavo Lima Discover the undisclosed details of the #1 singer in Brazil on his US tour. Upon landing in Boston, Massachusetts, The messenger He selected the menu from the best Brazilian steakhouse in town, Alma Gaucha, and sent a team to serve him and 35 people from his prep.

The menu included white rice, beef, old-fashioned potatoes with tapioca, bolognese pasta, onion fillet, grilled chicken and salad, according to our international correspondent Thais Victorello. Besides many fruits, a large table was set up with sushi. In the dressing room, Gustavo Lima He asked to be decorated with red roses.

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There was a foosball table in the dressing room complex Gustavo was funny A lot with your team. Apart from this space, the place had 4 more bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Certanejo started at 10pm for a Brazilian audience of around 4,000. The program lasted for about two hours.

You can watch our international correspondent Thais Victorello’s full interview with Gusttavo Lima here soon!

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