March 26, 2023

See pictures of Marcelo’s Fluminense fans’ reception | Fluminense

Marcelo’s arrival in Rio de Janeiro was attended by around 500 fans outside the Salão Nobre at Galeao Airport. The left-back will be officially presented to Fans Fluminense This Friday, when he will hold a press conference, but it was already his first contact with the fans of the tricolor when he arrived in the city where he was born and raised.

Marcelo is greeted with a party of flu fans upon their arrival in Rio

a Fluminense We’ve made the official player arrival images available and detailed some of them. First of all, he arrives at the airport, already with the tricolor flag tied around his waist.

Marcelo, from Fluminense, arrives in Rio de Janeiro – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

Diazao in Rio de Janeiro, right, Enzo?

Marcelo, from Fluminense, at the Galeo airstrip – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

With dark glasses, this “dagger” flag Fluminense around the neck.

Marcelo, from Fluminense, wears sunglasses and has a flag around his neck – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

The Tricolor fans’ first nod upon their return to the club.

Marcelo waves to the Fluminense fans who were waiting for him at Galeão – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

The glow in the eyes of the one who returned home.

Marcelo makes first contact with the Fluminense fans – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

Marcelo on his arrival in Rio de Janeiro to meet Fluminense fans – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

With children Liam (on her lap) and Enzo.

Marcelo with his sons Liam and Enzo at a reception for Fluminense fans – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

Marcelo, from Fluminense, with his son Liam, his wife Clarice and their other son Enzo – Photo: Marina Garcia/Fluminense

Finally, anyone who needs a wallpaper on their phone, out there?

Marcelo, with the flag of Fluminense – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

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