July 14, 2024

See precautions to not fall for scams with Pix

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See precautions to not fall for scams with Pix
See precautions to not fall for scams with Pix

Great use of pix It causes a lot of fraud. With Black Friday, care must be doubled.

NS UOL I heard four experts list top tips and tricks you should keep in mind when closing a deal during a promotion (or supposed promotion) that was announced during this discount period.

The first is to look at the product’s website. On a computer or mobile phone, it is very important that the page is secure. How can this be identified? Looking at the lock right next to the address bar.

It’s not just about buying services. NS UOL It even has a lock, indicating that it’s a site that won’t steal any of your data.

It’s time to pay attention when converting. One way to avoid problems is for the company to generate a QR code at the time of the transaction, says Ralph Germer, CEO of PagBrasil, a fintech payments for e-commerce.

Simply scan with your cell phone’s camera and the data will be entered automatically. A window always opens in the sequence, where all information can be confirmed.

“On the confirmation screen, make sure that the name of your e-commerce platform or payment processor is correct or if there is a strange name in place. It is also important to always check the transaction amount,” says Germer.

Digital law specialist Adalberto Santos says that shopping via social networks (WhatsApp, Facebook social networking site) or things like that, where Pix transactions can happen frequently, are not recommended.

“Don’t click on any link that comes from WhatsApp or Facebook. This is the gateway to a scam.

While creating Pix outside of a bank app seems practical, there are many risks in terms of bank details and other information available on a user’s device.

Therefore, the ideal option is to not provide any banking information to another platform if the payment method is Pìx.

Enhanced security

In addition, it is important to sign up for two-factor authentication, which is an additional layer of security available in many applications to enhance the security of your access.

By activating 2-step verification such as an SMS or a PIN code [um código de segurança escolhido pela pessoa], the user needs to provide a second information after entering the login and password, and only then will he be able to access the account. This makes it difficult to clone the profile,” explains Andrew Martinez, CEO of HackerSec, a cybersecurity company.

Eduardo Tardelli, CEO of data mining company upLexis, says that when making a purchase or transfer via PIX, he prefers to use his internet (data package or Wi-Fi of residence).

He declares that “using an Internet connection for mass use can expose user data, which is a great scenario for hackers to work.”

The limit is good at any time of the year

Lucien de Almeida, Personal Finance Expert, of PagBank, brings up another point of discussion: its own limits to spending money. Therefore, it reinforces the need to establish a financial budget and plan your goals, especially expenses.

“This practice changes people’s relationship with money and brings more awareness to make better choices. It’s a way to avoid impulsive buying, buying unnecessary things,” he says.

Luciane declares that debt starts from the moment people are unable to prioritize their lives.

Although Black Friday can fetch seemingly attractive prices, it is important, in assessing it, to see what you really need, before you get into debt.

Money back?

The special return mechanism, implemented on the first anniversary of Pix, which speeds up payments to users who are victims of fraud or operational failure by financial institutions, depends on each bank can set its own rules. The only general rule is that the consumer must place the order within 90 days

“Remember that these requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If the administrative request is not accepted, the client can appeal through the courts. It is important to stress that banks are obligated to maintain safe tools for their clients,” says Santos.

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