February 6, 2023
See the amazing ranking of the seven most intelligent animals in nature

See the amazing ranking of the seven most intelligent animals in nature

In current terms, the definition found regarding intelligenceAccording to Oxford Languages, it is the ability to know, understand and learn by adapting to new situations.

It is also known that man occupies the top of this category, while animals are considered inferior in this regard.

This is because a person is able to solve difficulties, in addition to creating new projects and being rational.

But this does not negate the fact that there is a certain level of intelligence in the animalswhich is constantly proven, but in completely different ways.

With that in mind, we were curious as to which animals are the smartest. Therefore, we have organized this list in descending order of what they are.

Check out the rankings directly below and read to the end to see who is driving it.

Seventh – squirrel

In the last place in our ranking (but by no means least), we have Squirrels, creatures that can trick any animal or human into thinking they want to steal their food. Research shows that they become angrier if they see their food being eaten by humans.

Not to mention that according to studies, squirrels are able to create 3D maps to find where they found food.

Sixth – crow

For those who don’t know, crows are a type of crow, but they have the ability to manipulate their fellow crows into running faster in order to find protection and food.

Fifth 🇧🇷 the crow

In fifth place, we have black crows. This very bird Clever And they managed to bring food to remote places in an ingenious way.

Fourth 🇧🇷 Octopus

Octopuses are intelligent creatures of great scientific interest. However, the extent of his intelligence has not yet been proven.

Third 🇧🇷 Elephant

Elephants occupy the third place on our list because they have an amazing memory. However, this is not the only thing that manages to attract attention in terms of intelligenceSince then, research reports indicate, they have indeed been seen consoling themselves in moments of grief.

Second 🇧🇷 Dolphin

Secondly, there are dolphins, very creative animals. In addition, they have a unique way of communicating, through whistles, which, in the eyes of many, is a kind of language.

the first 🇧🇷 chimpanzee

Finally, at number one in this ranking, we have chimpanzees. There is much debate around the world about the compatibility of 98% of chimpanzee DNA with humans. But what was found was a high degree of kinship.

No wonder chimpanzees are the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom. They have the ability to produce their instruments, as well as express empathy, altruism, and self-awareness.