January 28, 2023

See the highest resolution images of the Moon ever taken from Earth

Fantastic pictures of the moon were presented at the 241st meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), held in Seattle, USA. United States of AmericaLast Tuesday (10). Records were previously obtained Greenbank Observatory (GBT), up radio telescope Orientable in the world, it has a diameter of 100 metres.

Located in West Virginia, the Green Bank Observatory (GBT) is the world’s largest steerable radio telescope, measuring 100 meters in diameter. Photo: John M Chase – Shutterstock

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How were pictures of the moon taken?

To make the records, the researchers fired a beam of radio waves from the GBT that lit up the moon. In the Hawaiifour radio telescopes 25 meters wide The baseline array is too long (VLBA), from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, radio echo.

Synthetic aperture radar image of Tycho Crater on the Moon, showing detail at 5m resolution. Credits: Raytheon Technologies / Green Bank Observatory

Even though it built with only 700 watts of power, it’s short of maximum power for many microwave These are the highest resolution images of the Moon taken from Earth.

The records are from the site where the Apollo 15 spacecraft landed and the Tycho crater, which is the result of the impact of a prominent asteroid located in the Moon’s southern highlands.

When it comes to images taken from Earth, the result is amazing. At Tycho Crater, the GBT was able to get down to detail as small as 5 meters. At the Apollo 15 landing site, the range was even more impressive: the radio telescope picked up features down to 1.5 meters.

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