March 31, 2023
See the mistakes in intermittent fasting that can make you fat

See the mistakes in intermittent fasting that can make you fat

Known nutritional strategy, and intermittent fasting It consists of having periods without eating, only tea and coffee without sprouting sugar, and in eating windows.

People usually resort to this protocol when they want to Increased weight loss🇧🇷 However, to achieve this purpose, it is important to have a plan with good guidelines. Otherwise, it may have the opposite effect, favoring weight gain.

Starting the morning on an empty stomach can disrupt the rest of the day and prepare the body for cravings later on.

Keep in mind that going for hours without eating, infrequently and without planning, will make your metabolism slower. As a result, there is a higher chance of getting fat, just eating more food so that the body stores fat.

Fasting precautions

Research conducted and published by the University of Florida Obesity Association showed that in order for fasting to have good effects, that is, not to reduce metabolic activity, it is necessary to meet certain criteria, such as altering the “metabolic disorder”, which causes the body to stop giving preference to burning glucose. Burn fat🇧🇷

The correct way to do this is, first, to respect the correct time period. Research has revealed that very short fasts of less than 14 hours are ineffective in changing this “disorder”. It should be taken into account between 16 and 18 hours.

Another study revealed that calories eaten in the morning are consumed up to 2.5 times faster than those eaten at night. Therefore, a fast that skips dinner is more favorable for metabolism than a fast that skips breakfast. Therefore, prioritize your calorie intake in the morning.

Put food on a plate like clockwork
Intermittent fasting is one of the most popular weight loss methods in the world.

And more: there is no point in spending hours without eating, and when you resume eating from it Low nutritional quality🇧🇷 Make sure the diet isn’t too restrictive. Avoid inflammatory foods, such as highly processed, sugary foods.

Finally, for weight loss to be sustainable and effective, you need to prioritize bodybuilding physical activities, aimed at preserving lean mass, generating positive effects on metabolism.

Tays Brito

She is a Postgraduate Nutritionist in Clinical Sports Nutrition