September 24, 2022
See what the plane that brought you to Brazil looks like

See what the plane that brought you to Brazil looks like

The US band Guns N’ Roses arrived in Brazil this week For a tour on a VIP transport plane. The model is a Boeing 757 operated by JetMagic and arrived in Manaus (AM) on Monday afternoon (29).

The band must remain in Brazil until the end of September, and will perform in cities such as Recife, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, and in rock in rioin Rio de Janeiro.

Who traveled on the plane? a JetMagic has flown many bands and artists around the world. Himself Armas e Rosas She actually flew on the same plane with the Not in This Lifetime… tour, in 2016.

At the time, the aircraft had the same colour, with the dominant red and gray, but the engine had the band’s logo. This practice of isolating the aircraft according to who is traveling is common in the company. This also happened with U2.

The Irish group used this aircraft on the Joshua Tree’s 2017, 2019 and 2018 Experience + Innocence Tour. Phil Collins also flew the plane during the Not Dead yet tour in 2019.

Recently, British rock band Queen also used the 757 to fulfill their touring schedule. In July, guitarist Brian May posted a photo on the plane in celebration of guitarist Roger Taylor’s birthday.

Lenny Kravitz and even the circus company Cirque du Soleil were also flown on the JetMagic.

The company also makes the form available to transport authorities, such as heads of state.

How is the interior of the plane? It is personal, and provides more luxury for discerning passengers. The Jet Magic It released the new configuration of the 757 in 2016, changing the model’s default seat map.

Photo: Instagram / jet_magic

The interior is divided into three classes, with 50 seats in total. The factory default configuration for commercial passenger transport accommodates up to 228 seats.

One VIP section has 18 seats and a sofa bed. It also has a special door to isolate this area from other areas. The middle cabin has 20 seats, and the aft area of ​​the aircraft has 12 seats.

The cargo compartment can accommodate up to 230 bags. Smoking is permitted on board in some areas.

The interior of the Boeing 757 VIP from Jet Magic, which has already hosted many bands around the world - Instagram / jet_magic - Instagram / jet_magic
Photo: Instagram / jet_magic

When was the plane made? A Boeing 757 from 1989, operated by another company before it passed into the hands of Jet Magicin 2014.

Before, it belonged to oillater named private flight, a Swiss company that operates executive flights. When it was handed over to the current player, it started to use the recording 9H- AVMand stayed for two years before flying again, in 2016, with the new interior.

JetMagic's Boeing 757 has already acquired many teams around the world, such as Guns N' Roses, U2 and Queen - Alexander Lang / 18. June 2019 / Aero Icarus - Alexander Lang / 18. June 2019 / Aero Icarus
Photo: Alexander Lang / 18. June 2019 / Aero Icarus

data sheet

the creator: Boeing
Model: 757
manufacturing year: 1989
Eligibility: 50 VIP seats
Length: 47 meters
to rise: 13 meters
Wingspan (distance from tip to tip of the wing): 38 meters
maximum speed: 980 km/h
Max flight altitude: 12.8 km
independence: Average 7222 km