January 29, 2023
Senate approves expanded interest in women in cancer prevention by SUS

Senate approves expanded interest in women in cancer prevention by SUS

The Senate plenary session on Tuesday (29th) unanimously approved the project expanding comprehensive care for women by the Unified Health System (SUS) in the prevention and treatment of cervical, breast, and colorectal cancer. The text was sent for approval by the Presidency of the Republic.

The proposal specifies that mammography, cytopathology and colonoscopy be performed by SUS for all women since puberty and no longer from age 40 or with the onset of sexual life. Until then, the legislation stipulated that mammograms should be performed on women over the age of 40.

For the rapporteur, Senator Marcelo Castro (MDB-PI), the proposal would allow women access to mammography, cytopathology and colonoscopy in time to prevent the onset of this type of pathology.

“Early prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases helps to avoid or reduce the devastating effects that such diseases can have on the lives of women and their families, while providing resources for SUS, by avoiding longer and more complex treatments, as well as being more effective,” he justified Congressman.

Castro also advocated the inclusion of colorectal cancer in the draft, when analyzed by the House of Representatives. According to the parliamentarian, this type of cancer has a high incidence in the female population, especially in the southeastern and southern regions. According to the National Cancer Institute (INCA), it has the second highest incidence among women.

“In addition to including the concern for colorectal cancer within the procedures established by law, the revised bill by the House encourages other relevant changes, such as ensuring access to colonoscopy, eliminating age indications and initiating sexual activity as milestones to be considered in order to ensure, Respectively, access to mammography and cytological examinations, ”explained the rapporteur.

The text also sets the onset of puberty as a standard for the purposes of accessing diagnostic tests for cancers covered by law.