June 6, 2023
Sene sends a message after defeating the Classics

Sene sends a message after defeating the Classics

Credit: Publicity / Official Twitter São Paulo

Sao Paulo lost in the classics to Santos on Sunday, due to the Brazilian Premier League and Rogerio Ceni was not impressed with his team’s performance at Villa Belmiro. So much so that she deserved a “message” for the team that was already thinking about the Copa del Rey.

This week, Tricolor start against Flamengo in a competition semi-final dispute. The Sao Paulo coach tried to recommend to the team a quick attempt to avoid the mistakes he saw in San São this weekend so that the confrontation with Robro Negro does not start at a disadvantage.

“We can’t go wrong. With 20 minutes, the same player missed five assists. With inspiring Flamengo, you lose the match 3-0 in the first half. Seyni, who also saw that the team doesn’t have the best control when trying to go ahead and finish, said,


“We built well and a triangle on both sides, but when we got to the area we lost the timing. Igor Gomes-Nikao had a free-scoring goal in the first half. We made wrong choices. We assessed the ball well and could have predetermined the plays. Santos brought us in in the second half. , and we had different kinds of requests. But often, with a lot of touches, we don’t finish,” he continued.

With three competitions ahead (Copa Sudamericana plus Copa de Brazil and Brasiliao), what is São Paulo’s priority this season? The desire to rank the team in the Copa Libertadores 2023 makes the Cups an option that could, at the moment, give more vent to that dream, given that Tricolor in Serie A are twelfth-placed and shy of G. -6.

“Team for three competitions? Now let’s find out the rest of the year. I couldn’t end up with 10 players on Thursday and I repeat the players here today. There is no way,” he said.