December 3, 2022
Seniors in São Carlos get physical mobility activities and psychological care

Seniors in São Carlos get physical mobility activities and psychological care

The special project aims to improve physical mobility in order to promote healthy aging – Credit: Disclosure

The Reference Center for the Elderly (CRI) “Vera Lucia Pilla”, coordinated by the Ministry of Citizenship and Social Assistance, a place providing specialized and free care for the elderly, is developing a special project aimed at improving physical mobility. With the aim of promoting healthy aging.

This Thursday, the 29th, the Minister of Government, Neto Donato, accompanied by Chancellor Sergio Rocha went to learn about the project and to take a word of encouragement to the elderly on behalf of Mayor Arton Garcia. The mayor believes that everyone has the right to culture, sports, entertainment, leisure and services that respect their age. He asked to inform everyone that he will spare no effort so that such projects can be implemented in other public places,” revealed Neto Donato.

The program was developed from an amendment to the general budget of the Federation, at the request of Chancellor Sergio Rocha. “We have requested money from a federal deputy of the PL Association in Sao Paulo in the amount of R$158,000 so that we can offer these activities to the elderly through a multidisciplinary team. The chancellor explained that the amendment came through the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights.

According to Secretary Vanessa Soriano, the resources were transferred to the Brazilian Association of Social Events, Health and Sports, which, based on a cooperation agreement with the City Council, developed the project at the Vera Lucia Bella Center. “A team of physiotherapists, psychologists, physical educators, teachers and administrative staff was hired. We set up groups of 20 people, all of whom were already students at the center, who started doing special physical activities to reduce pain. The groups were divided according to the complaints of each group. We have A crowd of knee pain and those who complain of shoulder and arm pain. The professionals follow up the activities of strengthening, stretching, physiotherapy and weight training, always according to the problems reported by the students,” said the Minister of Citizenship and Social Welfare.

Nelva Rodriguez, CRI teacher and Vera Lúcia Pilla supervisor, talks about the success of the program. “Initially there were 100 places, but today we offer these activities to 150 elderly people and all of them report an improvement in their quality of life. Some students report that they no longer feel pain. For the first time, we were able to bring together professionals from different regions on the same project. In addition to taking care of the body, they can also take care of the mind. We also have a psychiatrist who helps a lot, with many arriving here complaining of feeling lonely,” said the supervisor, who called for the program to continue in 2023.

The center has a gym with special equipment assembled specifically for the development of this project.

The work of the reference center for the elderly is coordinated by the municipal secretary for citizenship and social assistance. Anyone who wants to know about the work of CRI, located on Rua Joaquim Inácio de Morais, No. 370, in Vila Irene, can contact us by phone. (16) 3368-2970. The center is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. All services in the Living Center are free. To participate, users must be 60 or older.

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