June 4, 2023

Sensitiva predicts news in Otaviano Costa’s future, but warns the presenter: “The contract is being signed..”

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Ottaviano Costa is the presenter and has been tipped to take over the attraction on Open TV

© Playback / Instagram / @otavianoOttaviano Costa may come to lead the attraction in SBT

Ottaviano Costa on air with the program Otalabfrom the Uol portal, and the presenter has already shown interest in running his own attraction on Open TV, a feat he achieved on Globo a while ago, shortly before terminating the contract with the broadcaster.

However, it seems that new opportunities may still arise in the career of the pair Flavia Alessandra. This is because on Monday (3), sensitive Bianca Godoy He expected Octavian to sign a new contract in SBT To run a show at Silvio Santos’ company.

Otaviano Costa received a sensitive prediction on the Internet (reproduce / instagram / @otaviano)

Ottaviano CostaAnd weather forecast! signature contract. I see the SBT On the way, a very prosperous stage and great achievements will comeThe seer said in the post’s caption. Although the news was optimistic, the psychiatrist admonished Costa, saying, “Be careful with an employee or co-worker,” he cautioned.

It is worth noting that there are rumors on SBT about new programs and reality shows that will be launched next semester. According to speculation Ottaviano Costa Perhaps the broadcaster considered that he was presenting a novelty, information that was not confirmed by both sides.

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