June 4, 2023

Serasa makes an important announcement and it ends up being disgusting

Sirasa was blown away by the public over the troubles

Serrasa used social media to mock people who ran over their credit cards and ended up getting blown up by the public. the reason? The public was not amused by the services provided by the company.

In the post’s comments, there was a little bit of everything. People complaining about the website, debt renegotiation options, private enterprise service, etc. A post that was supposed to be funny was turned into an open book of complaints about Serasa.

Surprising Serasa by clearing the name (clone: ​​internet)

One netizen complained “what guarantee do you guys give if I pay my debt to Cerasa, considering that many people here in posts comment that they have paid the debt and the name is still credited??”.

“Is there a problem with the site? Another said. Another commented: “Very bad, the information is not clear, it should contain the number of debts you have, like I owe the same bank there was an amount there, how will I know if the credit card and loans are registered Zero for this request,” another commented.

Serasa warns about credit cards (Reproduction: Focus montage on TV)
Serasa warns about credit cards (Reproduction: Focus montage on TV)

What contacts did the company provide?

Serasa used social networks and Youtube to share a video explaining exactly what an expired debt is, how to pay it and how it goes against the outcome, so see below.

Formal job creation has caused concern (Image: Clone/Internet)

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Fintech application (image/internet cloning)

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Can You Eliminate Debt By Claiming Here?

no! This is something that a lot of people get wrong about when looking for ways to eliminate existing debt in Serasa, thinking that going to Reclame Aqui will make the debt go away.

serasa consumer (clone/internet)
serasa consumer (clone/internet)

The only thing this affects is the way Cerasa lets you pay in installments or negotiate debt with a creditor.

In short, if you do that, the debt will still be there and the creditor can charge you for it, the only difference is that in the Serasa app it disappears with some installment or negotiation options.

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