November 28, 2023

Sesc-Flamengo defeats Minas and overturns the Superliga standings | volleyball

In front of a packed Tijuca Tennis Club, Sabrina’s star shone even brighter Friday night. In the re-issue of the Brazil Cup semi-finals, Cesc Flamengo defeated Minas by 3 sets to 1 (22/25, 25/21, 25/16 and 25/22) and secured a return to the women’s G-4. Super League 22/23. The opponent scored 26 points, was elected the best on the field and was awarded the Viva Vôlei Cup.

Sesc-Flamengo 3 x 1 Minas – Highlights – Women’s Volleyball Super League


With a 3-1 victory, Cesc Flamengo went to 39 points, leaving Fluminense behind and touching Minas, which has 40. Now, the Cariocas team is back in fourth place.

Sesc-Flamengo x Minas, in the Women’s Superliga 22/23 – Photo: Gilvan Souza / Flamengo

Next round

Cesc Fla returns to court against São Caetano next Friday, at 7:30pm, at the Complexo Polisportivo Lauro Gómez in São Paulo. Belo Horizonte receives Sesi-Bauru on the same day, at 21:30, with transmission by sportv2.

the game

Under boos, Pri Heldes started the duel, and Sabrina opened the scoring on the onside kick. Central Valquiria made the first point block of the game, allowing the advantage, but Pri Daroit then responded in kind. Minas’ conversion came as Casey passed through the serve, and despite the rally, the visitors were patient and made it 9 to 6 after the start and the great performance of Carol Gataz.

With the defensive system alert, the team led by Bernardinho pulled away and counterattacked to equalise. However, he did not specify this, and the competitors retained two points in front. The tie came at 15 to 15, after Peña committed two errors on offense. The match intensified. In the final stretch, Pri Daroit had a good pass to serve, Sesc-Fla’s volley didn’t work out, and Peña put it on the floor to make the score 25 to 22.

The two teams maintained their balance at the beginning of the second half. If Brie King gets an ace and is forced to replace Brie Daruitt, on the other hand, Taissa has raised the level of trust of her comrades on the same basis. Sesc-Flamengo fans asked, and Sabrina answered: Serve Pri Souza, who failed to receive and conceded the point for free.

Sesc-Flamengo x Minas, for the 22/23 Women’s Superliga return – Photo: Gilvan Souza/Flamengo

With the opponent on serve and attacking from the back of the field, the Cariocas grew and scored 20 to 16. Minas drew a reaction, cutting the deficit to two points, but Ronnie Berry secured it 25 to 21 on the ace.

The Reds came back better for the third set and quickly gained a three-point lead (6 to 3). Minas reacted during Carol Gataz’s pass through the serve, blocking Bree Heldes Michelle to leave everything as it is. Setter Bri King, on the second ball, was the one who parried the attack and relieved the club from Rio (9 to 8).

Third set: 25 seconds into the rally, Casey attacked on the outside and Flamengo scored. 17 x 10

With Juciely on serve, Sesc-Fla took off and gained confidence, forcing two breaks from the opponents, who countered. The lead decreased, and Bernardinho was also forced to stop the match, but Sabrina took off, ignoring Taissa’s block and making it 23 to 16. Again, the set ended with a header, this time by Michelle: 25 to 16.

The fourth set was worth a lot for both teams. For Sesc-Flamengo, the chance to clinch the match 3-1 and return to the rival G-4. On the other hand, the hope was to force a tiebreaker and stay close to the vice-leader Osasco. The segment was played point by point, but at the crucial moment, the team led by Bernardinho won and made it 23 to 20. To secure the win, Sabrina lay down on the floor.

The third group: Carol Gataz was injured and fell to the ground. The game stops to help the player. 14 x 12

* Trained under Flávio Dilascio and Thiago Fernandes