Sexual assault: Québec solidaire does not say no to a specialised court

Agressions sexuelles: Québec solidaire ne dit pas non à un tribunal spécialisé

MONTREAL — Quebec solidaire is “interesting” to the suggestion of the member pq’s Véronique Hivon create a specialised court in the field of sexual assault.

The spokesperson of solidarity on the status of women, Christine Labrie, has agreed to participate in a steering committee established by the minister of Justice Sonia Lebel, in the company of Véronique Hivon, the Parti québécois, and Hélène David, of the liberal Party. The committee shall exchange, among others, on the accompaniment of victims of sexual violence.

Mp Alexandre Leduc, a spokesperson in the field of justice of Québec solidaire, is also of the opinion that it is necessary to seriously consider the record, including the period of prescription or limitation should be abolished.

Mr. Leduc believes that actions must be taken to ensure that all Quebecers to retain their trust in the judicial system. The message must be clear that, according to him, to the effect that the perpetrators “will not will not always be free”.

The minister Sonia Lebel met before the Holiday period group of women “The Brave”. It is known that they have obtained permission to bring a collective action against Gilbert Rozon, because they claim to have been victims of sexual harassment and assault.

Ms. Lebel said that the goal was to “better understand their experiences within the justice system” and that “their testimonies were feeding already his thoughts”.

The recent decision of the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP) remember a single complaint against Gilbert Rozon on the 14 made to the police of Montreal has sparked many emotional responses.

For his part, prime minister François Legault has said to be “open” to a specialised court in the field of sexual assault referred to by the Parti québécois.

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