July 18, 2024

Shadows Die Twice is reset by a blindfolded player

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Shadows Die Twice is reset by a blindfolded player
Shadows Die Twice is reset by a blindfolded player

One operator achieved an impressive feat, to say the least, this weekend. During the “Awesome Games Done Quick” event, the quick runner “Mitchriz” stopped Sekiro: Shadows die twice In just two hours. But there is an additional detail: he was blindfolded the whole time, guided only by sound signals.

The gameplay has grabbed the internet’s attention so much that the terms “Sekiro” and “Blindfolded” have taken over Twitter trends in the US and UK. This is because Michris so easily passes through the bosses, it takes “ordinary” people several hours to defeat. In some cases, he was not even harmed by the bosses.

It is also worth noting that the sprinter already did the same at the end of 2021. However, this case acquired even greater repercussions, after all, he performed this feat in a very famous event. On that occasion, the player celebrated on his Twitter profile.

I finally got it, after months of grinding. Really happy with it and looking forward to showing you all the new strategies in GDQ (“Games Done Fast”).

Also in “Great Games Made Fast”, player whistles Stardu Valley In just 17 minutes. Speedrunner “Olenoname” achieved this feat by placing a series of selected items on the character creation screen. This made the game unintentionally give these elements to the player, which made it easier to play.

Finally, the event announced that it had broken the revenue record among all its editions. $3,416,729.85 was raised, which will be donated to the Foundation that Fights Cancer.

The Elden Ring will be more accessible than Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Speaking of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, FromSoftware recently revealed it elden ring It will be more easy compared to your previous game. Experience should grant souls like veterans and novices alike. Read more here!

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