June 4, 2023

“shake my face”


The DNA test ordered by Theo will end the mystery about Jennifer’s paternity

Images: Reproduction/Globo

in Go in the faithIn his youth, Theo (Emilio Dantas) raped Sol (Sheron Menzies). Envious, the scoundrel always wanted everything that belonged to Ben (Samuel de Assis). After she became pregnant, the protagonist preferred to keep her distance from her ex-boyfriend, as she was not sure about it Who is Jennifer’s father? (Bella Campos). In short, the young woman never concealed her fear that the businessman might be the father of the law student.

But with the death of Carlao (Che Moise), Christian has seen her past come to light. Ottavio’s friend (Gabriel Conte) finds out that the man who raised her was not her biological father and, after much stress, learns that she is the daughter of one of his “friends”: Ben or Theo.

Image: Reproduction/Globo

Theo manages to force Jennifer to take a DNA test

Terrified at the thought of Theo becoming close to his family, dancer Louie Lorenzo (José Loreto) confirms that the college student is the lawyer’s heir. However, Clara’s husband (Regian Alves) did not believe in the princess of the eternal ball and sued Justice. The villain will win the case so he can force Jenny to take a DNA test.

The exam confirms the fact of Jennifer’s paternity

The test result will show that Ben is Jennifer’s father, according to information from NaTelinha. Theo will, of course, explain the hatred he feels for the defender and will say, after a final confirmation, that the character of Samuel de Assis was “making waves in my faceWith that, the friendship between the two would end forever.

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