February 8, 2023

Shaman’s end was announced after Luis Mariotti left the band

The conclusion of the activities of the association a Shaman It was announced on Tuesday night (10) by the guitarist Hugo Mariotti. This information was confirmed minutes after the death of Hugo’s brother and the band’s guitarist, Louis Mariottiannounced his departure.

As Lewis pointed out in a video released on Instagramthere was an issue regarding drummer Riccardo Confessori on social media that caused him to part ways with the group.

The Confessori had shared on Monday (9), the day after the terrorist invasion by Bolsonaristas of the National Congress, the Planalto Palace and the seat of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), Content with reviews For the current President of the Republic, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT). In the comments section, discuss with netizens and He even called a veterinary graduate a “cattle scientist.”.

Faced with the situation, Luis Mariotti said in a video transcribed by IgorMiranda.com.br:

“It was a time when I had to think for myself. Today’s episode of Ricardo served to alert me to many things. There were serious things said there and things that are no longer relevant today. With our family and children, these are things we don’t preach. On the contrary: we watch.” Always to see if things really change.This episode made me realize that I feel really bad for Shaman.

Thinking about myself, my health, my mental health and the health of my family, I decided to leave the shaman. It’s a situation that many can grieve over — and of course we grieve too, because it was life. I am very proud of what I did at Shaman. But everything has its cycle and I want to think about myself, my family, my mental health and even the mental health of others, because when you’re in an environment that lives with many people, you need to be healthy. At present I do not feel well. So I make this decision. I don’t know what the band’s decision is, but I’m making the decision to leave the band to take care of my own things. I know things come up, new opportunities emerge and life goes on for all of us.”

Minutes after the publication of Luis, Hugo reveal That the shaman has ended his activities.

“Shaman is closing activities. Commitments will be kept, but unfortunately cycles are ending. Thank you to all the fans for their love!”

About the shaman

Formed in 2000 by three former members of the Table – Luis and Ricardo and the late singer Andre Matos – Together with Hugo and keyboardist Fabio Ribeiro (who also worked with Angra as a backing musician), Shaman recorded two studio albums with his original line-up, which was active between 2000 and 2006, when Matos, Ribeiro and the Mariotti brothers left. Confessori maintained the group with a new line-up, which ended in 2013 after recording two more unreleased albums.

Five years later, in 2018, it was announced that the original quintet had reunited. The initiative was limited to performances, since in 2019 Andrei died of a heart attack. Alerio Neto He took the position of vocalist and the musicians recorded the album “rescueReleased in 2022.

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