June 6, 2023
Frustration grows in Shanghai over COVID-19 confinement - Ibuka Negosios

Shanghai reimposes reservations one day after easing lockdown – Época Negócios

The Shanghai government has reimposed confinement to thousands of people just a day after partially reopening the strict lockdown (Photo: unplash)

Government Shanghai He returned to incarcerate thousands of people on Thursday, 2, just a day after announcing a partial reopening of the strict lockdown that has halted China’s economic capital for several months. According to the municipal authorities, more than 500,000 people are still in isolation in the residential areas of the city that have recorded cases COVID-19.

The Chinese capital began to resume aspects of “normality” on Wednesday, the first, after the authorities eased restrictions imposed to combat the Corona virus. Residents were allowed to return to work sites, needed to go through electronic checkpoints to prove their health, and people gathered in small groups in parks. The subway and other public transportation have been restarted.

Less than 24 hours later, the situation receded for some. Liu, a 29-year-old woman from Minhang District said France Press That the apartment complex in which he resides has been put back into confinement, after information was received about a suspected case of covid-19 in one of the buildings. She said residents lamented the “endless” confinement in online conversations. In the central Jing’an District, the authorities closed the gate of another chained housing project. There was a confrontation between customers and residents.

The actions of the Shanghai government reveal that China does not intend to abandon the “Covid-Zero” strategy, which it has maintained since the beginning of the epidemic – and will resume this isolation at the slightest sign of new cases of the disease.

In this context, some people seem willing to break the rules. On Thursday, police said, after learning that one of his employees was a suspected case, a businessman hid him under a road bridge so health workers would not find him.

The president, who was eventually arrested, said he was “concerned that the company’s business would be affected” by the employee’s absence, according to the statement.

All of these situations contradict the coverage of the state press, which broadcasts only videos of parties, luminous buildings and the return of downtown traffic.

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