March 30, 2023
Shares in Banco Inter, Banco Pan and Méliuz fell again;  Petrobras is down more than 2%.

Shares in Banco Inter, Banco Pan and Méliuz fell again; Petrobras is down more than 2%.

(stock struggle)

São Paulo – A new day of risk aversion in the markets, with renewed concerns about global inflation with the energy price shock, as well as a more modest expectation of growth.

Treasuries remain under pressure, with 10-year yields up 1.5% in the wake of stronger-than-expected ADP data, weighing on “developing” stocks here as well.

Interbank papers (Bi-Directional 4;binary 11) continues to crash, accumulating losses of about 20% per week, and not even its previous operations have helped reduce risk aversion with the procedure. Pan Bank (BPAN4) and mosaic (MOSI3), after the previous day’s fall, they continued to fall.

Melius (cash 3), even after a considered a positive precedent, It drops more than 4%, also in the midst of this scenario.

The risk of investing in growth/technology stocks is seen as greater than value stocks in this scenario, as growth companies cash flow has a longer term (duration) and company value is always more focused.

Retailers in general also declined with an unexpected 3.1% drop in sector sales in August in the monthly comparison, with a few sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, as well as textiles, apparel and footwear, showing an increase.

Few stocks post gains, even with Ambev (ABEV3), which opened up high, and began to operate close to stability. BBI released a preview of the company’s results, with third-quarter figures released on October 28, with Ebitda forecast 2% above consensus, to R$5.075 billion, and net profit of R$9% after the project by market consensus, to R$2.565 billion.

Petrobras shares (PETR3;PETR4), which has been rising in recent sessions, recorded a decline of more than 2%, on a day when oil was down.

The Brent commodity hit $83 again on Wednesday, buoyed by OPEC+’s refusal to increase production more quickly in the context of worries about constraining energy supplies around the world. Later in the session, oil fell from its highs. Late in the morning, Brent crude for December was down 1.55% to $81.28 a barrel.

Check out more highlights:

petrorio (PRIO3)

PetroRio reported that it produced 31,044 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed) in September, 7.6% less than the 33,593 barrels produced in August.

Of last month’s total, 15,988 barrels of oil were produced at the Frade field, while the production of the Polvo field together with the Tubarão Martelo field, in September, amounted to 13,390 barrels of oil, affected by the interruption of production in two wells due to the failure of the submerged centrifugal pump (PX).

The Manatee field produced 1,666 birds. In September, sales amounted to 424.5 thousand barrels of oil, all from the Polvo and Tubarao fields.

Enauta announced that its total oil and gas production reached 675,600 barrels of oil equivalent in September. Average daily production in this period was 22,500 boe.

Also in September, the average daily production of the Atlanta field was 14.7 thousand barrels of oil, similar to the previous month. The field worked through three wells until the fifth of September and two wells the rest of the month. Production from the third well is expected to return for the first quarter of 2022, according to the company.

On the other hand, the average daily production in Manati decreased by 12% compared to August, reflecting the cessation of field operations between September 28 and October 3. Currently, Manati production is being normalized.

Domo Energy (DMMO3)

Dommo Energia announced that the company’s production reached 21,142 barrels in September 2021.

The operator informed the company that the Tubarao Martello field has two wells that have stopped production due to a malfunction of the submerged centrifugal pump (BCS): (1) the TBMT-8H well, which was temporarily stopped after being cleaned; and (ii) the TBMT-2H well, which failed in the second half of September and will undergo maintenance.

“With the TBMT10H well completed entering its final stages and expected to be completed in mid-October, the Kingmaker is well on its way to TBMT-2H to do so, and then moving on to well TBMT-8H,” the company said.

Red Door (RDOR3)

Rede D’Or has reported that it has acquired Hospital Aeroporto, in Lauro de Freitas/BA, for a value of R$230 million.

Ebitda’s forecast for Aeroporto Hospital is R$20 million for the 12 months following the operation, with part of the synergy. According to Rede d’Or, the deal “reinforces the institution’s commitment” to its expansion strategy and long-term vision.

The operation includes the property, and the hospital premises, with a constructive potential to expand at least 200 beds. Currently, the hospital has 85 beds. The acquisition is subject to approval by the Economic Defense Administrative Council (KED).

GOL reported that demand for its flights was 36.8% higher in September compared to the previous year, when the airline and the entire airline industry were still suffering greater impacts from the pandemic.

Compared to August, demand increased 0.7% while supply increased 2.1%, according to data released by the company last month. The company said that demand in the third quarter was 87.5% higher from July to September 2020, and seat supply was up 38.1% in September and 82.5% in the third quarter year on year.

And Gool continued without international flights, carrying a total of 1.6 million passengers last month, an increase of 47.8% from September 2020. The number of customers carried in the quarter rose from 2.6 million to nearly 5 million.

The company’s aircraft occupancy rate in the third quarter was 81.4% compared to 79.3% in the annual comparison.

Santander Brazil (San B 11)

Shares of the payment media company Getnet Trading in B3 will start on October 18. The stock trading symbol will be GETT3 for common shares (which grant voting rights), GETT4 for preferred shares (which grant preferential rights to receive dividends) and GETT11 for units (combinations of different types of shares).

On Nasdaq, Getnet announcements (in fact, the company’s shares traded on US exchanges) will start trading from October 22 under the symbol GET.

Because Getnet was born as the paying arm of Santander Brasil, on October 15, shareholders of the Bank will receive 0.25 common and preferred shares and one unit of Getnet for each common or preferred share or unit issued by Santander Brasil.

Vale reported that it halted copper production at the Salupo mine in Maraba (PA) municipality after a fire broke out. According to the company, the emergency teams were under its control, and there were no injuries or environmental damage. “The damaged site is being evaluated and the causes of the fire are being investigated,” the company said in a statement to the market.

Preliminary assessments indicate that production will resume by the end of October. Other activities are proceeding normally, including mining and maintenance operations. In 2020, Salobo produced 172.7 kilotons of copper concentrate.

Melius Released a preview of operating data for the third quarter of 2021. In terms of gross merchandise sales volume (GMV), the company reports that it had the best result in history, even exceeding the values ​​for the fourth quarter of 2020 when the last Black Friday occurred.

He notes, “Looking at Millius only (excluding acquisitions), we reached a GMV of R$1.1 billion, an increase of 26% compared to the second quarter of 2021 and 72% compared to the same period the previous year.”

With respect to other group companies, Melius had a GMV of R$291 million for Piccody and R$49 million of Promopet in the third quarter, totaling R$1.4 billion of GMV in the consolidated presentation for the quarter.

“In the past twelve months ending September 30, 2021, we have generated a total GMV of R$4.5 billion, of which R$3.8 billion relates to Meloz, R$642 million to Picudio (as of March 2021) and R$81 million to Promobit (taking into account into account from May 2021).

The company closed the quarter with a total of 20.8 million open accounts, an increase of 2.0 million compared to the second quarter when it reached 18.8 million and 9.1 million over the same period of the previous year when we reached 11.6 million.

Romo issued guidance (projections) for the construction, operation, exploration and maintenance of the railways
which independently connects the Rondonópolis railway station to Cuiaba and Lucas do Rio Verde, in Mato Grosso.

The company expects capital expenditures of R$9 million to R$11 million with the project between 2022 and 2030.

Regarding the approximate volume of grain migrating from Rondonópolis to other terminals, the company expects a total of 16 million tons.

The approximate potential volume of additional tons of grain is 18 million tons.

Multiplan (MULT3)

On Tuesday, Multiplan announced the launch of Golden Lake, a development in Porto Alegre (RS) comprising seven condominiums comprising 18 condominium towers in total, with an estimated public sales (PSV) value of R$4 billion.

Ryzen has reported that it will invest about R$150 million to build a new sugarcane power plant, which will increase the company’s production capacity by 105,000 megawatt-hours annually.

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