August 17, 2022
Sharif is back!  Atletico MG announces the return of Junior Alonso on loan until the end of 2022 |  Athlete - mg

Sharif is back! Atletico MG announces the return of Junior Alonso on loan until the end of 2022 | Athlete – mg

Just two months after saying goodbye, Junior Alonso is back Atletico MG. The club announced, on Monday, the return of the defender who was recently traded to Krasnodar in one of the most expensive sales in its history, but ended up suspending his contract with the new team due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, announced more than two. weeks ago.

The champions of Brazil, Guilherme Arana and Junior Alonso comment on the awards they received

Captain of the most successful season in Atlético’s history, with the Brazil and Copa Brasil titles, Alonso returns for a temporary period, until the end of December. Despite receiving a significant raise in his salary upon closing with Krasnodar, the defender agreed to receive the same amount in Gallo that he collected in 2021.

Junior Alonso celebrates the Brazilian Rooster title – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atletico MG

Sold for 8.5 million US dollars (about 46.7 million Brazilian reals)Alonso did not even appear in official matches for Krasnodar. The defender had only participated in friendly matches in preparation for the resumption of the Russian championship. The military conflict, however, ended with the suspension of football in the country, culminating in Alonso and seven other foreigners on the team suspended.

With his contract suspended, Alonso was authorized by the Russian club to search for a new club to remain active, while the conflict between Russia and Ukraine was not over. And FIFA, in the face of the situation, ordered the suspension of the contracts of foreign players in both countries until the end of the European season (June 30), in the absence of peaceful negotiations for the release of the two clubs.

These war-stricken athletes will be allowed to sign contracts with other teams, as free agents, until April 7, even in closed markets.

Since his contract was suspended, Alonso has been in Paraguay, where he has been training to maintain his physical form, but always Expressed his desire to return to the rooster – Who also opened the doors of the club to the defender.

Junior Alonso was contracted by Atletico in July 2020, at the request of then coach, Jorge Sampaoli. The defender, who belonged to Lille, but was on loan to Boca Juniors, took 100% of the acquired rights for 3 million euros (18 million Brazilian reals, at the time). At Gallo, Alonso has always been a key player and one of the pillars of the defence. He played 89 matches and scored two goals.

Partner Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG – Photo: Disclosure