January 29, 2023
Shay and Deborah interact with Deolane's live broadcast

Shay and Deborah interact with Deolane’s live broadcast

Former participants infarm 2022” (RecordTV) Reaction Live by Deolane Bezerra, performed last night on YouTube. Lawyer, Who rang the bell to leave the program on Sundaya series of accusations against production and presenter Adriane Galisteu.

Shay, one of Deolane’s competitors, commented on the live broadcast in a Twitter post. “Lost women must learn to lose the game, and learning requires opportunity,” she wrote.

deborah, One of Deolane’s main enemies also commented on the accusations. “I thought I didn’t know how to lose,” the former participant wrote on the social network.

The former farmer also added: “If it was manipulated, doctor, that my exclusion is against all opinion polls, and you asked me to leave, then what was it ??????????????????????????? ??????????????? for years and everyone who watched PCs and Famosas em Apuros knows. It was recorded.”

Deborah also shared a video of one of the clashes with Deolane: “Quick to talk about stress… I want to see her prove in court whether this video is Adriana Esteves’ performance…”.

splash She contacted RecordTV to find out the station’s position on the accusations, but has not yet received a response. Once you do that, the note will be updated.

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