She does a barrel roll and comes out slightly injured

FribourgUne young woman has been slightly injured after a collision on thirty metres with his car Monday, on a road in fribourg.

Elle fait un tonneau et s'en sort légèrement blessée

Police in fribourg.

A young driver had to be désincarcérée after having made a barrel Monday in Lussy, communicates the police in fribourg.

The unhappy girl was slightly injured and taken to hospital. His car was found on the roof after being struck by a candelabra around 8: 30am.

The woman, 19-year-old was travelling with his car from Villaz-St-Pierre in the direction of Romont. Arrival in Lussy, on the road from Freiburg, shortly after the intersection with the road Epenettes, it has deviated on the right for an unknown reason.

A shock is produced between the front of the vehicle and a candelabra. The vehicle flipped over before coming to a stop about thirty metres further on, on the roof. An investigation is underway.


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