September 26, 2022
She fights Fortaleza, but is defeated by Colo-Colo in Liberta's debut

She fights Fortaleza, but is defeated by Colo-Colo in Liberta’s debut

Fortaleza made his debut Thursday (7) in the Libertadores with a defeat. Colo Colo beat Brazil 2-1 in Castellao. Lucero and Solari scored two goals for Chile, while Renato Kaiser scored for the Brazilians. The Chilean team leads the group along with River Plate-Argh, who won yesterday (sixth), Alianza Lima-Ber.

Throughout the 90 minutes, the Chileans knew how to do better and let go of the three points. Fortaleza started the match poorly and met only after substitutions made in the middle of the second half.

Fortaleza is now preparing for the Brazilian Championship. The tournament debut will take place next Sunday (10), against Cuiaba at home. Libertadores’ next commitment will be away from home against River Plate. The match will be next Wednesday (13).

Who did well: Lucero and Solari

They were the most influential players in the Chilean attack in the match in Castellao. Attacker Lucero was everywhere and confused the opposition’s defense with movement, passes and shots. Solari, the midfielder, was the team’s brainchild on the pitch and dictated the intensity of the Chileans – he also earned a goal.

Who Was Bad: Zee Willison

The Fortaleza midfielder couldn’t keep up his good performance in the Fortaleza shirt. Due to his incompetence in getting the ball out, the midfielder also had difficulties in spotting, especially in the first half. After Vojvoda’s moves, he continued to clash without cooperating much with the game dynamics of Leão do Pici.

Fortaleza: Shy of the opponent with an improvement at the end

From the very beginning of the match, Tricolor could not fit the ball with high quality. The midfielders were isolated and the team used the long ball a lot – without much success. Although possession of the ball was greater in match periods, it was ineffective. After Vojvoda’s changes, the team improved and scored a goal, but could not change the match.

Colo-Colo Game: More Experienced and Smarter

With players more experienced in the Libertadores games, Colo-Colo knew how to impose itself. The opposing team managed to strangle Fortaleza in their court, and when they caught the ball, the ball was completely vertical. With this recipe, the team was able to score goals and control the match.


It was Colo-Colo who took the first offensive action in the match. Notable pressure, the Chileans greatly bothered Fortaleza’s departure. In the ninth minute, Solari received a cross and hit a beautiful kick. The ball passed to Walif, but Marcelo Benvenuto saved the goal over the line with his head!

better hug

The Chilean team had the best chances and dominated the start of the match. In addition to Solari, Leo Gil and Lucero had the opportunity to open the scoring.

cheering party

The fans of Fortaleza did not disappoint and threw a beautiful party on the team’s first appearance in the Cup Editors. Fans were asked to wear jackets and create a “permanent mosaic” – which continued throughout the first half.

Fortaleza balances, but Colo-Colo scores

The energy of the fans gave the team an extra boost on the field. Made on the left side, Leão do Pici had two chances with Moises, without much risk, but showed a better position for the Brazilians on the field.

However, the Colo-Colo did not give up. In a quick exit, Lucero received a beautiful pass in the area and hit a cross to open the match result.

Colo-Colo scores the second goal

The Chilean team returned and continued to dominate the match. Three minutes after the start of the match, Colo-Colo stole in the offensive field, and Leo Gil received a pass from Lucero and a low cross. Solari found the ball on the other side, finished the ball perfectly and scored the second goal.

castle in trouble

Fortaleza’s side complained about a penalty in an effort involving Moises. The player quickly took off, escaped surveillance, but was caught by Fuentes. The players shared the ball and the Brazilian fell to the ground without fail in the opinion of the match referee. Without VAR, the bid was not reviewed.

The Brazilians are looking for a goal and the Chileans look great in the match

With two goals behind, Fortaleza tried to press and began to annoy opponents even more. Moises, Capixaba and Romero lost chances. On the other hand, the Colo Colo team sought to pacify the match and, whenever possible, delay the resumption of the match.

Renato Kaiser lights up the match

Soon after his entry, the Fortaleza striker gave new life to the game. The striker had to score the first goal in the team’s history in the Libertadores. He sent Pikachu into the area and threw himself a 9 shirt on the ball to score.

“Do not hide”

After scoring the goal, the Brazilians did their best to equalize. Colo-Colo made changes and closed, awaiting pressure from the Brazilians. Iago Pikachu and Felipe surrendered, but stopped at the goalkeeper.

Colo Colo abused wax in the final minutes of the match. Emiliano Amor, defender of the Chilean national team, was among those punished for delaying the resumption of the match. In the next step, he made a mistake and was given a second yellow card and sent off.

In the free kick, in the 48th minute of the second half, Benevenuto hit the post with the header, and on the rebound, it ended with force and anger, but the ball went up and moved away from the goal.

data sheet

a reasonLibertadores group stage, first round
date and time: April 7, 2022 (Thursday), 19:00 (Brasilia time)
place: Castelão Stadium, in Fortaleza (CE), Brazil
to rule: Andrés Cunha (URU)
helpers: Pablo Larina (URU) and Richard Trinidad (URU)
yellow card: Titi, Lucas Lima, Moises, Zee Willison (for); Cortes, Gabriel Costa, Suazo, Amur (Colonel)
Red cardLove (COL)
Objectives: Lucero, 37 minutes/1ºT; Solari 3ft/2ºT, Renato Kaiser 24ft/2ºT

Energy: Max Walliff. Landazuri, Marcello Benvenuto, Titi (Ceballos), Iago Pikachu; Zee Willison, Hercules (Philip), Juninho Capixaba (Lucas Crispim), Lucas Lima (Romarinho); Moises, Silvio Romero (Renato Kaiser). Technical: Juan Pablo Vojvoda

colo colo: Polite; Obazu, Falcon; Amor, Suazo; Fuentes, Pavez, Leo Gil (Zaldivia), Solari (Cristian Santos), Gabriel Costa (Villanueva); Lucero (Bold). Technical: Gustavo Quinteros