December 5, 2022
She sued the former Globo actress for over R$29 and exposed a lie

She sued the former Globo actress for over R$29 and exposed a lie

actress who She has acted in soap operas such as Fina Estampa (2011) and Império (2014).Adriana Birolli has become the target of a lawsuit worth more than R$29. The artist owns a property in Itanhangá, in western Rio de Janeiro, and a massage therapist accused him of not returning the full amount to cancel the rent. daily during the pandemic.

The case was anticipated by the columnist in O Globo newspaper, Ancelmo Gois, this Tuesday (4). The lawsuit takes place in the Second Civil Court of Marica County. The woman who charges Adriana says she paid R$194 for two nights and only got R$165 back: she is asking R$29 with interest, cash correction, and R$9,000 in compensation.

The massage therapist lives in Marica, a city located in the metropolitan region of the state of Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the actress, she also activated the temporary online rental company that brokered negotiations and another residence in Itanhangá.

In the process, Adriana Birolli claimed that the sum she received was fully returned to the platform and defended that her legal competitor lied in the petition by saying that the hosting was canceled at the last minute. The actress asked to cancel the orders.

Adriana’s last work in Globo was in Totalmente Demais (2015). In Record, the actress has been in Bellaventura (2017), Jesus (2018) and Jezebel (2019).