December 9, 2022
Sheikh Dos Bitcoins, the suspected coup suspect, Sacha, has been arrested by the Palestinian police

Sheikh Dos Bitcoins, the suspected coup suspect, Sacha, has been arrested by the Palestinian police

Francesley Valdivino da Silva, better known as the Sheikh of Dos Bitcoins, was arrested this morning in Curitiba and is being investigated for his involvement in a multi-billion dollar crypto fraud. Among the victims who denounced are businessman Sacha Mengele and her husband, Joao Figueiredo, Who would have lost R$1.2 million in transactions made by the suspect.

According to the Federal Police, which carried out the arrest, the “Sheikh” was arrested for not complying with a court decision issued in October preventing him from continuing to run his companies or participating in the company’s management decisions.

The ban was issued by Federal Court No. 23 of Curitiba After the Poyais operation carried out last monthWhich investigated the practice of the crimes of “embezzlement, money laundering and criminal organization”. But investigators found that days later, Francisley began holding frequent meetings with employees of his companies at his home in the capital of Paraná.

The court’s decision stipulated that in the event that the businessman did not adhere to the so-called “precautionary measures” during the investigation, he would receive an arrest warrant. In a statement, police said the suspect’s meetings with the graphic designer of his companies “showed that the criminal organization is still active and promoting criminal acts.”

In addition to promoting fraud in Brazil and abroad with his own company, Francisley and his employees plot and sell virtual systems to people interested in committing similar crimes.

Another operation carried out by the PF, nicknamed Bad Bots, arrested two people responsible for “crimes against the financial system” from selling cryptocurrencies that were to use a system created and maintained by the “Sheikh.”

a UOL He searches for Francisley’s defense for a position on the arrest and will update the story if there is one. Space is still open for expression.

The suspect met Xuxa’s daughter in the church

According to O Globo newspaper, Sasha and her husband met Francis at a mass at the Evangelical Church who attend. The couple had made several investments worth more than one million Brazilian riyals.

However, Xuxa’s daughter was not the first to report the suspect. In one of the lawsuits, which opened nearly two years ago, he responded to a collective action of R$4 million. More than 20 investors from Abukarana, Parana, accuse the “Sheikh” of deceiving them in a pyramid scheme.

Victims claim that Silva, through a company called Forcount, raised funds, invested in a digital asset and hijacked the funds, returning them Cryptocurrency A fake, called Mindexcoin, which has no market value and is not found on exchanges.

Excerpt from the process, posted by Portal do Bitcoinstates that the man’s company operates in a scheme”financial pyramid“,” Benefiting from the innocence of investors, most of whom are simple people and unfamiliar with the bitcoin investment environment. “

Investigations are still underway into Operation Poyais, of which Francisley was one of the targets. One of its goals is to trace the origins of suspects to allow the victims to be repaired.

13.5% profit

Francisley has been named as a partner in hundreds of companies, including Rental Coins, which opened in January 2019 and raised Sasha funds.

Rental Coins claims that the company has more than 20,000 clients and promises returns in non-market practices, from 8.5% to as much as 13.5% profit plus the amount invested in cryptocurrency rentals.

According to O Globo, in addition to promising high profitability, Francis used gold funds to attract investors. Two tanks, one containing 1kg gold ingots and the other containing the so-called ‘Zelt’, and 10 gram balls of gold, were offered to those interested in ‘investing’ in the scheme. The bags were displayed at the company’s headquarters in Curitiba.

In addition to rental coins, Francis was also a partner of Reverend Silas Malavía in AlvoX Negócios.

AlvoX’s Instagram profile, with 7,500 followers, sells random items, such as fragrances, nutritional supplements, conversations about investments, and even cruises. To Globo, Malafaia denied that the company had anything to do with cryptocurrencies.

Francis also owns companies like InterArg, Intergalaxy and Wolkeb Club, all of which focus on blockchain investments, digital wallets, and “multi-level relationship marketing.”


In March of that year, Francis gave an interview to “Jornal da Record” in which he justified the delay in payments, saying that the rental currencies were undergoing a restructuring. “We had problems with some withdrawals in a few months, but everything is going well,” he said.

One of the victims managed to block R$200,000 from Rental Coins in court, while Oruta, who gave an anonymous interview to the broadcaster, claimed he lost R$600,000.