January 28, 2023

Sheila approaches as captain in Week 2 in the US – Web Volley

After the end of the first week of disputes Unlimited number of athletesBrazilian Sheila was very close as one of the four captains to select the teams for the next stage.

A two-time Olympic champion, he finished fifth in the professional league individual rankings in the United States with 654 points after the first three games. They were just six points behind Central Lauren Stewrins, who finished in the top 4. This Sunday, Stevens, Danny Truce, Bethany de la Cruz and Natalia Valentin-Anderson will be in charge of selecting the next gold, orange, blue and purple teams. One round. Take a look Complete ranking with individual scores.

This Saturday, Sheila’s team, led by Bethany de la Cruz, won 71-69 (25-19, 23-25 ​​and 23-25) over Ari Cruz. It is always worth remembering that the result is given by the sum of the area points. This allowed the team to win the court despite losing two sets.

The Brazilian had ten points, nine on the attack and one on the serve. The team’s Madison Villains finished with 11 runs.