January 29, 2023
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Shein Offers Free Clothes For Customers To Try On: How To Win?

Through its “Free Trial” program, Shein offers its customers the products for free. See how you win.

Shein, a global fashion electronics retailer, through its “Free Trial” program, offers its customers free products in exchange for their rating on the platform.

Upon taking the Shein free trial, the customer will have to make an evaluation deemed satisfactory on the products received. In addition, it is also possible to earn points on the platform.

Understand Shein Free Trial

Free Fitting is a program where customers order free clothes and receive them at home without having to pay anything, neither for the clothes nor for shipping. Against this, a full review of the product received is necessary, noting high points such as quality, fit, and construction, as well as sending some photos. This way, other customers can be guided when choosing the right piece.

To be part of the programme, it is necessary to select the desired products among those available for a “free trial” and to communicate data such as size and delivery address. It should be noted that there is an approval process, and if approved, the order is generated and submitted automatically. Upon receiving the item, the user must return to the platform and click on “Report Post” to make his evaluation.

It is essential to be within the evaluation criteria, so customers need to take the following actions:

  • Post at least three photos;
  • Full body image
  • Two pictures showing part details.

If the revision is not approved, the customer will have another opportunity to amend it. When a review fulfills all requirements, 20 Shein points are awarded. If it is considered a “quality review”, an additional 100 points are awarded.

The free trial function is not yet available directly on the Brazil platform. Therefore, users who want to participate must access the official link of the program provided by the application.

Can I order any clothes for free fitting?

No, this functionality is only available on select garments, which are shown in the Free Trial section. Therefore, the number of lots is limited and registration does not guarantee that you will receive the chosen model, as many people can register for one lot.

How do you get free clothes from Shein?

To be part of the program, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Shein app (available for android And the iOS🇧🇷
  2. Log in to the platform. If you haven’t already signed up;
  3. On the main screen, select the “Profile” option;
  4. Click on “Support” and then “Customer Service”;
  5. In this field, send a message to Shein requesting the link to participate in the promotion in Brazil;
  6. Using the link, click on the “In Progress” tab, you will soon see the available parts;
  7. When you find the desired part, click “Free Trial”;
  8. You will need to select your size and click “Next”;
  9. Add your full address, name, phone number and CPF number and click “Save”;
  10. Finally, make sure the address is correct and select “Submit”.

ready! Now just wait for the result.

Photo: Wirestock Creators / shutterstock.com